Discover Our Story


Welcome to the world of HiTea! We are a team of innovative tea artisans who are passionate about quality and healthy drinks and food. Our journey began in 2018 when a group of tea lovers came together to create a unique and modern tea cafe concept that would revolutionise the industry.

Our tea cafes are a perfect blend of modern and traditional designs, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your favourite beverages and food. We are excited to share our passion for tea with you and invite you to come and experience the world of HiTea. Whether you’re a tea lover or just looking for a healthy and delicious meal, we have something for everyone. Join us in our mission to revolutionise the cafe industry and connect people through the love of tea. Welcome to HiTea!

our Concept

HiTea, is a kind of life.

At HiTea, we believe that tea is not just a drink but a lifestyle. Our mission is to connect people of different cultures and lifestyles, promoting healthy living through our delicious tea and food offerings.

What We Stand For

We take pride in using different regional ingredients to create our unique recipes that are both delicious and healthy. We enjoy the freedom and adventure of Taste Kingdom. The fusion between different ingredients and different cuisine create unique and exciting tastes. We are constantly innovating, bringing new and exciting recipes to our menu that are both unique and healthy.